16 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Puzzle Edition

  1. I was just reading in an owl book that birds often have their eyes disguised or have misleading fake eyes so that an animal or bird of prey might not find their eyes. A bird of prey and most animals try to attack the prey’s eyes.

    This guy’s eyes blend in well with the black cap.

    • According to my guide books, males and females look the same. So take your pick, Susan! One book also said these chickadees can be easily tamed and hand-fed, which cracks me up since whenever I see them, they can’t sit still for more than a couple seconds. I can just see me running after it, yelling, “Wait, I’ve got something for you!”

      • Exactly so. Can you imagine 6+ children, crammed into the back seat on cross-country trips? In retrospect, I can *almost* understand why my parents insisted their “children should be seen and not heard.”

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