Blogs or Revisions?


I’ve been scarce around here and am popping in to say
I’m thinking of everyone
but am putting my time/energy/focus into some revisions.

I don’t like neglecting my online community
but feel it’s best for my emotional/writerly health to keep forging ahead.
I’m making progress and that is good for my soul.

Know that I’m thinking of you and wishing happy stuff all the way around!

Here’s a Coco pic to make you smile:

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what she’s thinking.

22 thoughts on “Blogs or Revisions?

    • Coco does love the treats so you’re probably on the money with your guess. Revisions are going well and I’m pleased with this week’s progress.

      Have a great weekend, Karen.


    • Reading minds is an art, and in Coco’s case, a very fine art. She’s very different from any other dog I’ve known.

      Thanks for the good wishes on the revisions, Robin. I hope you’re making progress on your new project, too. Have a lovely weekend.


    • You’ll be happy to know I forged ahead this week and made much progress. Hooray! I’m not sure about letting Coco read it. Not yet, anyway.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Sarah.


    • Actually, she doesn’t get to go on walks because she’s so high strung plus has some hearing issues, and it’s a miserable experience. I’ve never had a dog I couldn’t walk, but there’s always a first.

      Hope your weekend is filled with walks and other fun stuff, Barb.


    • I did get lots done this week, and feel less shaky about the whole thing. “Onward” is always a good remedy, I think. Thanks for the support. Always.

      Have yourself a wonderful weekend, Jeannine.


  1. She’s thinking, “Is this my best side? And you said we can go for a walk after the picture.”

    Whooohooo! Go Tracy! Go Tracy! Revisions! Revisions!


    • HA! I like the idea of her thinking about her best side. She’s an odd little duck so it makes me happy thinking of her having that kind of non-stressful thought.

      I got lots done with the revisions this week and absolutely appreciate your support and cheers. Thank you, Tracy! Hope you got lots done, too, and that you have a beautiful weekend.


  2. It’s so like you, to send out positive thoughts from deep within your writing cave. Sending you good vibes in return, and wishing you lots of luck on those revisions. Prevail! xoxo

    And as for Coco…maybe a short walk is in order?


    • Peeking out of the revision cave to thank you for the good thoughts. I hope you’re making progress, too. I feel better now, and with each chapter completed, I feel even better than that.


      Have a good weekend, Melodye. I won’t be walking Coco because she’s no fun out in the world, but I will give her lots of love and scratch her behind the ears.


      • I revised (read: shredded and rewrote) a difficult chapter to take to my critique group this week. But then, GAH! SoCal Edison shut off the power w/o notifying us beforehand. I have a UPS Backup battery, but it wasn’t functioning either. And when the computer finally came back on again…groan. The file was irreversibly corrupted. So I’m rewriting yet again. Not progress, per se, but I’m trying to prevail.

        Happy weekend to you, too. xo

        PS I know you’re deeply ensconsed in your revisions, but if you decide to poke your head out for fresh air, you might enjoy reading my interview with Deborah Wiles about COUNTDOWN, which takes place in (so groovy) the early 60s. Flower power and all that. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Hiya, Amy! I’m taking a break from forging ahead and want to thank you for the cheers and support. (I love the idea of Coco cheering me on, too!). Hope you’re getting much accomplished also, and I send wishes for a glorious weekend.


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