Writing Through the Distractions

It’s slow-going on my YA, but I’m making progress despite the usual distractions:

  • books I want to read
  • food that may or may not be in the refrigerator so let’s take a look, shall we?
  • the internets and its many permutations
  • bird action at the feeder and/or bath
  • that patch of sunlight calling for me to come take a nap
  • etc., etc.

All that’s hard enough, but now I have these lovable cats in the house and they demand my attention.Loki and Marcel 002A few minutes ago I was working on my manuscript as Marcel sat in the window behind me, looking at birds and making that funny chuckling sound cats make when they see something they’d like to de-feather, but I was stoic and blocked out his bizarre noises to keep writing. Until, that is, he climbed over my shoulder and down onto my chest where he curled up and aimed his big goofy eyes at me. Really, I’m supposed to have the willpower to ignore such overt emotional manipulation?

And how about his brother Loki who has no respect for my writing boundaries or, for that matter, any boundary?Loki in dishwasher

Loki in dishwasher 2

Maybe I’m supposed to treat him like a Muse?

6 thoughts on “Writing Through the Distractions

  1. LOL, Loki!

    I’ve got a hummingbird nesting in my backyard again. So thrilling, and yet…distracting. I’m using it as an inspiration, though: How much revising can I get done before the eggs hatch, the hatchlings fledge…?


    • The hummingbirds are already nesting? Is that early or is that the norm? Either way, I completely understand how that would be a major distraction. I like your idea of pacing your project along with the nesting and hatching, etc. You’re a thinker, Melodye! 🙂


    • They are beauties, for sure. And you’re right about being careful when shutting the dishwasher door. Also, garage door, cabinet doors, sliding glass door, etc. Sheesh.

      The other day, Zebu bashed his knees on two vanity doors left open by the cats. They get us coming and going. HA!


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