Twofer Tuesday: a peek into my day

This morning I pulled some manuscript/project boxes out of the closet to see if there’s anything in there worth salvaging for my next writing endeavor. (My little writer brain has to have something to noodle on, so while I await my critique group’s feedback on my work-in-progress, I’ve started thinking about what comes next). Well, those boxes proved irresistible to the cats.

Marcel claiming his literary territory

Later this afternoon, Emma and I went out on the trails. Although it was warm enough for me to wear shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, there were still a few patches of snow along the way. We stopped running so that Emma could do her thing.

I laughed as she scooped snow with her snout and dug holes with her paws and slid down the slope on her tummy.

Emma + snow = happiness

6 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday: a peek into my day

  1. I’m encouraged by your being able to wear shorts for your run. We usually get your weather two days later. (Please refrain from sending us any more “Colorado lows.” I’m ready for Spring.)


    • Hey Barb! Has the warm weather hit yet? I hope it arrives soon! Personally, I’m wishing and hoping for snow (or lots of rain), because we’re very dry down here. I’ll take your snow and you can have my sunshine…for a while.


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