I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the fourth of five children. When I was five we moved to a very small town where we lived out in the country in a house on a hill at the end of a half-mile long driveway. Because the school bus picked us up at the road, we did lots of running to catch it. My love of running started way back then. However, my love for birds had a rockier start. The male Eastern Whip-poor-will frequently sings the same song for hours on end and that repetitive song used to drive me out of my mind. I’m happy to report it’s been years since I yelled at a bird to be quiet.

Beautiful public library of my childhood.

I’ve always loved books and thought if I became a librarian I’d be paid to read all day. It was quite a disappointment to learn otherwise. Over the years I’ve had an assortment of jobs including visual inspector in a canning factory, personal assistant to a blind woman, dishwasher, voter registration registrar, cashier in a fancy clothing store, teacher, recycling center tour guide, and mom.

Sons: Zebu and Wildebeest

Right about the time my younger child turned one I decided it was time to write a novel.  Because, you know, I wasn’t busy enough with a toddler and baby. I wrote in secret and loved disappearing into a world that didn’t include temper tantrums and poopy diapers.

I now live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and no longer write in secret. Because I’ve always most enjoyed reading novels about real people who handle life much as I do (without swords or magic spells), those are the kinds of stories I write: contemporary middle-grade and young adult fiction. I write, trail-run, bird, hoop dance, practice yoga, take lots of photos, and read many, many books.

I also hang out with my two dogs (Emma & Zoey) and two cats (brothers Loki & Marcel).