Parallel Lives

Here is a screen grab from today of the third and last hawk that has yet to leave the nest above the Cornell University athletic fields:

#3 contemplating fledge

And here’s today’s Agnes episode as she makes her yearly attempt to go off the high dive at the pool:

AGNES by Tony Cochran

Agnes 6.11.12

The hawk is 70 feet above the athletic field
and Agnes is probably only about 10 feet from the water.
I very much empathize with both of them
as they summon the energy and courage to take the plunge.

The Agnes Toolbox


Agnes 6.10.12

I know I have talent, but I'm for sure also wielding my perseverance
(although I hope not in a bludgeon-esque manner).


Message from God


AGNES by Tony Cochran

I am exceedingly freckled and in possession of several sharpies.
Perhaps it's time to deviate from my regularly scheduled program . . .