Defining Friendship


AGNES by Tony Cochran

Sometimes we need to establish boundaries so that our friendships may continue.
That said, I’m confident my friends here in LJ-Land who are all exceedingly supportive (tolerant?)
of my bird mania would varnish my nose if I asked nicely.

Isn’t that right, friends?

Hellooooo?  Anyone out there?

18 thoughts on “Defining Friendship

  1. Who nose…

    Well, Tracy World she had no varnished nose
    Her Live Journal friends
    At her question, froze
    She asked slatts tell me
    Where can I go?
    Ol’ slatts said there’s only one place I know
    She said tell me quick slatts I got to run
    slatts whistled across his loaded gun
    And said that way down on Highway 61.


  2. Any time. Any place. You call my name and I’m there.

    (And regarding boundaries in friendships….oh yeah. That’s something I’m struggling with right now.”


    • You made me SMILE. Thanks for being willing to slather on the varnish, Susan.

      As for boundaries in your friendships, I hope you’re holding the line and keeping you and your heart safe. I’m learning to advocate for myself a bit better in that area, too.


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