10 thoughts on “Game Plan

  1. She’s ambitious. I only aspire to be Queen Barb.
    Around the time the second-last pope was elected, I dreamed I was elected pope. I knew I was still female and Jewish, with a boyfriend. My biggest problem in the dream? I didn’t have a thing to wear to my coronation!

    • You are the one and only Queen Barb, and you wear it well.
      That dream is very funny! I love how we can experience such angst over stuff like that in our dreams, all the while disregarding other pressing matters. HA

  2. Not recycling any old cans–they have to be bean cans. Hmmm, I’m wonder about the significance of that… 🙂
    Hmmm, since it’s deck chairs he’s making, maybe navy bean cans make sense?
    *officially overthinking this*
    ((((All hail Lord Queen Tracy)))

      • Navy beans–hmm and lol, what was I thinking when I typed that!?! LOL, my mind must’ve drifted from deck chairs to thoughts about the Titanic.
        I’ve been missing your bird blogs, Tracy, and miss chatting with you over tea on my blog, too. Hope all is well… xoxo

      • Sorry for the delay in responding, Melodye. I’ve been absent a whole bunch, I know, but wanted to let you know I appreciate you keeping in touch. I’m doing well and hope you are, too.

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