A Dove, Just Because


Out of all the birds that visit our feeders, no one beats the Mourning Dove for mellow.

© Tracy Abell 2012

I can always use a little more mellow.


8 thoughts on “A Dove, Just Because

  1. I’m very fond of doves, but they freak my husband out. He never seems to notice them until they whir up from the ground and startle him. Sneaky doves 🙂


    • I totally get where your husband is coming from. I’ve been startled by them taking off, too. It’s funny because once they’re sitting, they’re completely chill.


    • I love pigeons, too. They’re incredibly strong and are believed to navigate via the earth’s magnetic field when traveling far from home. And they’re related to your lovely mourning doves! 🙂


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