Familial Points of Intersection


I share a home with three males,
and often feel odd-person-out.
Males and females are different in many ways,
and I'm not just talking an appreciation of farts.

In addition to the gender gap there are also generational divides
between Zippy and me, and our teenage sons.
Oldsters and youngsters don't always have the same outlooks,
and not just because certain people can stay up all night.

There's also the whole issue of us being individuals,
which fosters our unique perspectives on the world.

When I think about it this way, it's nearly a miracle
the four of us can agree on anything.
But we do.
And on days of particularly bumpy familial relations
(I'm looking at you, Today!),
I find it helpful to reflect on the list of our shared interests:

1)  All four of us love Arrested Development!

2)  All four of us love The Clash!

3)  All four of us love Indian food!

4)  All four of us love March Madness!

If you were to draw a Venn Diagram of this household,
those would be the four major points of intersection 
between Zippy, Wildebeest, Zebu, and me.

And as you know, we are now in the month of March
which means we can focus on our shared passion for non-stop college basketball.

Save this family, March Madness!


16 thoughts on “Familial Points of Intersection

  1. Oh my! I’m also the only girl in the house with three boys!! It’s hard for me to have something in common with them. For instance I hate videogames and the three of them (even the three year old) love them.
    They like movies about cars crashing and all that stuff that I don’t understand. thank God as my husband says he’s a little woman and loves romantic movies and a lot of series I do.
    I hope that when my children grow up I can have more things to share with them, I think Harry potter while be one thing the would like.
    Have a great March Madness!


    • I don’t like video games, either! And I don’t like violent movies. I’m glad your husband shares some of your interests and I agree you and your children will have more mutual interests as they grow older.
      Thanks for the good wishes regarding March Madness…we’re having great fun!


    • You’ve got your little Sweet Pea so this is all foreign to you. Some days I yearn for some girl vibes in this house. We’re hanging in there, though. πŸ™‚


  2. Mmmm, John and I with you on the Indian food!
    And now that Sophie’s not living here now, the males in our house tend to band together for things like sci-fi thrillers and hamburger dinners.
    Good thing for mutual passions! (And for Sophie’s visits…) πŸ™‚


    • Re: You’re in GREAT shape!
      I goofed. We’re not in as great shape as I thought…Zebu doesn’t share our passion for The Clash. However, now that you mention it, We all love The Simpsons! So there. πŸ™‚
      I’m happy to accept the Cleaver Award, anyway.


  3. When my sons were growing up (i.e. living in our household), I felt a bit unnerved by all the testosterone-soaked interests/activities. Thankfully, things balanced out a bit over time. I participated in a few activities beyond my comfort zone, and they stretched themselves to accommodate my interests. That’s the very essence of grace, I think: a mindset of compassion & acceptance, toward yourself and also others. Oh, and a sense of humor. Laughter’s one of the best ways to blur the edges of that Venn Diagram!


    • One thing this entire family has is a sense of humor, and that’s saved us over the years. I’m glad you and yours shared and laughed to a happy place for all of you, Melodye. We’re striving for balance, too.


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