We all Need Goals


AGNES by Tony Cochran

I’ve just hired Agnes and her Winter Consolation Service,
and have high hopes for an improved outlook within a month’s time:

                                                                                                                  image from morguefile.com
Take that, February!


Karma, Baby


AGNES by Tony Cochran

I can’t help thinking of the little spat I got in with the resident evangelist at the meal on Monday.
She thinks it’s her right to tell people they’ll go to hell unless they accept her religious dogma,
and got testy with me when I told her to knock it off.

Wonder how her teeth feel today?

The Rotting Corpse of Fall


AGNES by Tony Cochran

It’s scary warm here,
and winter feels very far-off.

Can’t believe I’m saying this:
We need snow (although I’d settle for rain).
Anything would be better than this rotting corpse of fall.

Old Family Traditions


Ah, yes, holiday customs . . .

AGNES by Tony Cochran

I’d love to hear your Thanksgiving traditions.

I’ll go first:
My in-laws spend much time setting table and preparing food,
but once they sit down, they practically inhale the meal.
As one horrified guest exclaimed: "You’re a pack of wolves!"

(*waves to Zippy*)

Okay, not as interesting as the Cowboy Copas,
and probably not so much tradition as bad habit,
but you get the idea.

So spill, people!

Worry Wart


AGNES by Tony Cochran

Man, can I relate.
I do not, however list my worries.
There’s no need; 
they play in a loop at three in the morning.

Agnes and Bob . . . Again


AGNES by Tony Cochran

When I was younger and colossally more naive,
I called Information in hopes of getting Bob’s number in Malibu.

Clearly, my efforts would’ve been better spent on 
forging a friendship with Agnes.


Be Still My Heart


AGNES by Tony Cochran

I’m just so excited to have Agnes and Dylan together,
I’ll forgive the complaining, hopelessly nasal comment.
After all, she did acknowledge his genius.

And there really is no arguing with the nasal.

What, Me Worry?


Last Friday I sent BIRD BRAIN to the four generous souls who
offered to read and critique my manuscript.
It’s much, much too soon to expect responses, but that hasn’t stopped 
my mind from turning into a writhing nest of worries and fears.

AGNES by Tony Cochran

Maybe I’ll just get it over with and go put underpants on my feet.

Boy Stink


Seeing as I live in a house full of boys,
I think it’s fair I post the girl perspective:

AGNES by Tony Cochran

I don’t know about dead chickens,
but I’d definitely say my snorts of boy
either clear my head or knock me out.

Life’s Too Short


A little reminder to me and anyone else who spends too much time
worrying that something said or written might have been misconstrued:

AGNES by Tony Cochran

Trout does make an excellent point.
And I’m going to try hard to remember this.

Whither the Weather?


Seeing as the forecast is calling for a foot of snow,
and seeing as there’s lots of blue sky and sunshine outside,
this strip feels apt.

AGNES by Tony Cochran

I guess these wildly fluctuating weather forecasts are just another sign of spring.