Karma, Baby


AGNES by Tony Cochran

I can’t help thinking of the little spat I got in with the resident evangelist at the meal on Monday.
She thinks it’s her right to tell people they’ll go to hell unless they accept her religious dogma,
and got testy with me when I told her to knock it off.

Wonder how her teeth feel today?

16 thoughts on “Karma, Baby

    • *shakes head sadly* Yeah, ’cause you know Jesus was all about the bait-and-switch: feed the poor and downtrodden, and then heap hellfire and damnation upon their heads. :/

      Way to go, Tracy. Turn those tables over!


      • Melodye, I know that woman considers herself the biggest and bestest Christian in the room, and she’s full of so much BS. I’ve talked to her over the years but she’s like a bulldog and will not shut up. (Not that bulldogs won’t shut up…you know what I mean.) It would be easier to stop her if she was a volunteer, but she’s a client.

        I think this next Monday I’ll let her in on my little secret that I’m not Christian. Maybe her head will pop off.


    • You’ve nailed it, Robin. And that client’s attitude is particularly galling because we’re one of the few meals that does not hit people upside the head with a bible before giving them food; it’s one of the main reasons I love that group so much. But there she sits, spewing her dogma.



  1. It makes me nuts when people talk that way, whatever their religion happens to be. As an atheist I tend to set off screeching freak-out alarm bells with people like this. Once I was having a discussion with my dental hygienist (while she was cleaning my teeth). When religion came up I told her I was an atheist and then she told me I was going to hell and called me an evolutionist. It turned into a full blown argument and later it occured to me that maybe it wasn’t smart for me to argue so vehemently when she had such ready access to drills and so on. But I think whatever God(s) people happen to believe in isn’t/aren’t worth their belief if he/she/they care(s) about anything other than whether someone’s a good person.

    Anyway, I’m glad you got testy with the resident evangelist there and I bet her teeth are sure zinging today! If she does need a root canal done I know a place where she would feel quite at home with the hygienist.


    • Wow. I cannot believe (except I can) she unloaded her damnation on you when you were sitting in that chair. People like that have no shame or sense of decency. It’s hard enough going to the dentist without that kind of conversation. I’m impressed you didn’t grab something sharp and wave it in her face. 🙂

      I’ll be sure to send my little friend to your hygienist if necessary!


  2. I’m agnostic and I hate when people try to convince me of things or saying that by thinking like that I will go to hell. We are supposed to have freedom to choose and think so why I would go to hell if I’m a good person?
    That people must respect others and their believes!


  3. LOL!

    So sad…This is why Jesus would be one of the five I would have to dinner. I would ask, “What do you think about how people totally scrambled up your message? Does it break your heart? It breaks mine.”


    • You’re right, Barbara. As for the realization they’re driving people away, I get the feeling this woman doesn’t care in the least. She’s appointed herself ambassador to her dogma, and that’s all that matters to her.


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