20 thoughts on “Resolute in the New Year

  1. I’m not much for resolutions (personally, I mean) — when I was younger (in my 20s), I’d make them and get very frustrated when things didn’t go as I wanted…so now I ‘resolve’ to live and let live (and let each day unfold as it should).

  2. Someone in my family was talking yesterday about “every year, we make resolutions to try to change the negative things we perceive in ourselves. This year, resolve to be yourself.”

    I like this philosophy.

  3. I think the thing about New Year’s resolutions is that if they are things you want to do, you’d already be doing them. And if they’re things you don’t want to do, you probably won’t do them now, resolutions or not. But you might end up feeling bad about it. So – I just keep trucking along the best I can. Less indecision and angst is a good thing.

    • That’s a heart? I see that everywhere and never knew what it was. Oops. Well, thank you for enlightening your faraway friend. But mostly, thanks for the love and friendship.

      Happy New Year to you, Laurie.

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