Tuesday’s Visitor


I suddenly realized all the finches and towhees had left the yard.

American Kestrel in the ‘hood.

                                                                © Tracy Abell 2011

As I snapped photo after photo, a few brave finches perched on the wires above,
and a squirrel ran along the fence behind the kestrel.

They aren’t exactly interacting, but it’s a peaceful coexistence.
We should all do so well.

20 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Visitor

    • Do you see them where you live? You’re in Maine, right? Or somewhere in the northeast. My Sibley says they’re all over the country but I don’t remember seeing any until I moved to Colorado.


    • He (she?) was doing lots of preening yesterday in the sunshine so the feathers were fluffed out. I just got another shot of the kestrel on the wire and there was no grooming today. Just looking around, wondering where all the little birds had gone.


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