Story Overboard!


AGNES by Tony Cochran

This reminds me of getting my first chapter work-shopped
by Marilynne Robinson and the rest of the summer session crew.

I threw an awful lot into those opening pages, and after listening
to the same refrain from most everyone present ("too much, too soon"),
I broke workshop protocol and blurted: "I get it, it’s a shit storm."

8 thoughts on “Story Overboard!

    • I think we’ve all been there at one time or another.

      (Update…haven’t started reading yet because of other time-sensitive task, but will get on it this weekend. Sorry for the delay, Tracy).


      • No worries. I am in no hurry. Honest. The days of rushing myself to finish drafts have long passed. When I learned how much I don’t know, I gave up on estimating when I will finish a project. Plus, I am knee deep in The Collector. It will keep me busy for at least three weeks (probably four) And remember, two other people are looking at DC. Neither has any plans to get it to me prior to the end of the month. Its the holidays, relax. 🙂


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