Have Laptop, Will Travel


Am dashing off in a few minutes for a full day of basketball.
Zebu’s in a tournament and so I’m packing up the laptop
and hitting the bleachers.

Here’s some Agnes outlook to get you through the day:

AGNES by Tony Cochran

Let’s hope Grandma went easy on the pine nuts.

8 thoughts on “Have Laptop, Will Travel

    • We did enjoy the tourney! They ended up winning all eight games and captured the title on Saturday. I am so happy for them.

      Hope you had a good weekend, Robin.


    • Zippy said he almost bought some the other day and then decided against. I told him I’d rather not eat another. Blech.

      I wish T-boy could shoot some hoops with us, too.


    • Zebu and his team rocked. They won all eight games and captured the championship on Saturday. Woohoo!

      My writing continues and I’m getting close to being done with my revisions. (That calls for another Woohoo!)

      Hope your writing life is moving in the right direction, too, Amy. πŸ™‚


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