Update on Overall Wellbeing


I want to check in here since I haven’t been around much lately,
but don’t want to completely fall out of the habit of blogging
while I’m hunkered down in the revision cave.

So here’s where I’m at in my collective health:

Emotionally speaking, I’m feeling good about the positive changes I’m
making via my revisions and choices for my career.  I feel in control
of those factors I can control.

Physically speaking, I’m doing very well.  Last Friday I graduated from
PT after seven weeks of no running.  I can now run again on a limited basis
as I work back to where I was before.  I’m also able to hoop again!!
My daily plank routine is going well, and I just finished a three-minute plank. 
(I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried them, they’re a great way to firm up your core;
you see results very quickly). 

Parentally speaking, in this exact moment I’m doing a better job of remembering
I already navigated my high school years and that it’s up to my boys to do the same.
(But, oh, it would be so nice to have a magic wand to keep away the hurt and angst).

Friendly speaking, I miss everyone here.  And while I have glimmers of guilt for not
keeping up, I know you all understand.  You get why it’s important to keep my head
down and push on through.  But please know I’m thinking of you and sending good
thoughts your way.

22 thoughts on “Update on Overall Wellbeing

    • I’ve been thinking about you when I’m out on the trails because I know you and the kids are out there, too, on the other side of the hill. The first time I got to run again, I had tears in my eyes. I’ve missed it so much.


  1. I’m glad you’re feeling positive about your revisions and that physically you’re doing well too. I’m about to fall off the map due to an upcoming revision deadline and then a vacation in Ireland but I look forward to catching up with you, when we both have a chance, later in the summer.


    • Revision deadline followed by Ireland. You know how to live, don’t you? Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL but it’s the only way I can get through all this. I appreciate your good thoughts and look forward to catching up in a month or so.

      Wishing you good fortune with the revisions, and have a wonderful trip!


    • That’s such a beautiful cover, Lisa. Sigh.

      I knew you’d all understand but still wanted to pop in to make sure you knew I hadn’t deserted you.

      50 seconds on a plank is awesome!!


  2. I’m glad you’re focusing on what needs your focus, and miss you, but so support you having blogging take back seat when it needs to. But I’m glad for the check-in, just to know that all is going at least somewhat as you hoped. Cheering you on here…


    • Keeping my head down and pushing through the revisions is the only way I can handle these last weeks. Good news is, it’s working. I was afraid I’d be paralyzed by yuck, but I’ve shrugged off the yuck and am working hard. It helps so much having this community here. Thank you for the good thoughts, Jeannine.

      I hope all’s going smoothly in your writing world, and that you’re creating lots and lots of your gorgeous verse. (Verses?)


    • I’m glad my vibes are coming through loud and clear. I feel like a poop because I haven’t been in touch lately but for my survival, I’ve needed to focus on the revisions and not get caught up in the other. I know you probably understand how that goes, and hope we can get together soon.

      Hugs back at you…


    • I am doing what I need to get me through the bad stuff. Revisions going well and so emotional health has improved. Fancy that.

      Thanks for the cheers, Amy. They mean an awful lot. And please know I’m waving my pom poms for you, too.


    • Drat. I intended for the post to glow in a creepy radioactive mutant kind of way. Hmm, must rethink….

      Thanks for the good thoughts, Dot. I’ve been thinking about you, and am happy to know you’ve gotten that boost to move you ahead. Go, Dot, go!


    • The funny thing is, the three minute plank is now my easiest plank day. I only do one. I do shorter ones the other days but with short rests in between. I welcome the three minute. But I also love them, so that makes a difference.


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