New ‘do, New Me


I left the revision cave today to get my hair done
(looking something like this):

I wanted a crew cut but knew that wouldn’t fly with my stylist.
So I tried to make a half-way change and get it cut as short as possible
while still allowing a ponytail (for running).

But at the moment of decision I thought about my Laura-bracelet:

I opted for short-short.
And I’m very happy.

36 thoughts on “New ‘do, New Me

    • Yes! Now all we have to do is get together in person one of these days so we can compare styling tips. I prefer ruffling the top of my head with my hand. How about you?


    • Tracy, I love it! It’s perfect for you!

      And Kelly, I’ve been seeing your lovely face in ALA photos and I’ve been admiring your short hair too. I want to be part of the club!

      I had mine short this winter but I simply can’t afford to keep getting it cut. It’s past my shoulders now. 😦


      • It’s already past your shoulders? Wow. Your hair grows really fast. I wish I could cut it and make you part of the Kelly-Tracy-short-hair-club, but you wouldn’t want me to do that. You’ll just have to be our honorary long-hair member.


      • I find I’m having to get it cut quite frequently (as in every 4 weeks) to keep it within the shortness I want. I’m sure the growth will slow down again come fall. If only my damn nails would grow . . .


      • That was my huge hesitation in going short again. Needing frequent cuts. But I just could not stand all that hair anymore, so off it went.

        Sorry about your nails, Kelly. Maybe water them and give them lots of sunshine?


    • Thank you, Robin, for the kind words. All I know for sure is I have the kind of face that appreciates WAY less hair around it when it’s frickin’ 96 degrees!


  1. New hair style

    The new hairdo looks great on you.
    And either way (before and after),
    you look great.
    Your features remind me a bit of
    Sigourney Weaver.


    • Re: New hair style

      You’re so kind, thank you. And it’s funny you said that about Sigourney Weaver because my father-in-law told me that once, too. (Best keep my eyes peeled for aliens).


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