Coneflower as metaphor

Parts of this photo are in focus, but much of it is not. And that sums up where I’m at with this first draft of my new manuscript. Several key elements are firmly in place while other elements were either abandoned along the way or inserted later in the narrative. In a few places the draft reads like a jumble of characters and motivations.

But the moments of insight counteract that blurriness, giving me faith it’s all gonna be okay. I will prevail.

Literary Treasure

I’m doing a middle-grade critique for a friend
and am carefully sifting through his words to help find the treasure within.

image from

Entrusting our work to others takes such an enormous leap of faith, you know?

Life can be nuts . . .



. . . so you might as well take a big bite.

                                                                          © Tracy Abell 2010

Today I’m out from under a cloud that hovered for the past two months,
and I’m feeling lighter and more like me again.

Now it’s back to my life being nuts on my own terms.

New ‘do, New Me


I left the revision cave today to get my hair done
(looking something like this):

I wanted a crew cut but knew that wouldn’t fly with my stylist.
So I tried to make a half-way change and get it cut as short as possible
while still allowing a ponytail (for running).

But at the moment of decision I thought about my Laura-bracelet:

I opted for short-short.
And I’m very happy.