Highlight This!


Am hard at work in the revision cave,
but wanted to share a tip that might help others.

I had concerns about continuity within a relationship
between two characters,
so I went through my entire manuscript and used the Highlighting function
to color code everything having to do with that relationship.

I used one color for interior thoughts
and another for direct interaction between the characters.

The colors made it very easy to track the progression in the relationship,
and I’m now confident the ms isn’t suffering from emotional ping-pong.
(I thought I’d already eliminated that stuff but apparently my emotionalism dies hard).

There’s a good chance you all know about this computer highlighting trick
(I’ve done this before with hard copy but never within my document),
but I’m a big believer in putting info out there.
May this tip reach the right person at the right time…
I’m missing this community, but am sending good thoughts for all your writing and life projects!

12 thoughts on “Highlight This!

  1. This sounds like a super helpful technique! I’m working on my first ever romance-type story and I’ve been having trouble with the pacing of the characters’ budding relationship. I bet highlighting would totally help with that!


  2. I’m bookmarking this for future reference! 🙂

    Darcy Pattison does a Shrunken Manuscript exercise that’s somewhat similar to this, but I especially like that you’ve emphasized the interplay among characters, as well as their interior emotions.

    I can’t wait to get through this round of revisions!! It seems so much more fun–albeit as much of a challenge–to polish a revised draft.


    • Re: I’m bookmarking this for future reference! 🙂

      I’ve highlighted for other stuff, too. Pacing, for instance. This time through I also highlighted a certain aspect I’m bringing to the story, just to see if it works.

      I know what you mean about wanting to get through a round of revisions so you can start working at the next level. You can do it, Melodye! I believe in you!


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