12 thoughts on “Garden Critters

  1. Is that a bull snake? I didn’t even get out of bed until 10 this morning…I guess I was more tired than I realized đŸ˜‰ ETA: of course, Neko was still asleep on my legs at 10, as well.

    • That’s so cool you could sleep in until 10! We should all do more of that.

      I don’t think it’s a bull snake, although we’re having trouble identifying it. Zippy thinks it’s a Ribbon Snake. Either way, it’s a beauty.

    • They might be wily. Or they might be clueless. I’m not going to say.

      We think it’s a Ribbon Snake, since the Garter Snakes usually have the orange stripes on the side rather than along the top. Either way, it’s harmless.

    • No poisonous snakes here, except rattlesnakes. Those we only see out in the open space. Zippy thinks this guy is a Ribbon Snake, but we’re not positive.

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