Friday Five: The Zebu Birthday Edition


1)  Zebu was born in Anchorage, Alaska, fourteen years ago today
after twenty-six hours of labor from which I went temporarily AWOL.
2)  I’d planned a home birth but since Zebu was early, law dictated I had to be in the hospital,
which is one of my least favorite places on the planet.
3) But I coped by going out on the grounds with my friend, A, who coached me through
contractions as we watched a moose ramble around.
4) We found out later the nurses were paging me over and over, but I eventually returned to my room
and they didn’t yell all that much.
5)  After many more hours of labor, my beautiful Zebu was born, and today we celebrate him.


One constant over the years is Zebu’s robust dislike for having his picture taken.

18 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Zebu Birthday Edition

    • I modified that birth experience as best I could, although running away to my home was my favorite option. But it was what it was, and Zebu’s here and all is well.

      I’ll pass along the birthday wishes. Thank you.


  1. Happy Birthday, Zebu! I hope you’re having fun. And Tracy, I love that you had to be paged to return to your room and that a moose was kind enough to hang around outside and try to distract you.


    • I’ll let Zebu know you wished him a good day. Thank you, Carolyn. I’m also happy remembering the paging part of the process because it was one of the only ways I really had control that day. The moose was definitely a nice touch.


    • Thank you much for the birthday wishes, Laura. I will let Zebu know you’re thinking of him. He’s gotten over the whole birth plan mix-up. πŸ™‚ He was a month early and still weighed over eight pounds, so he’s proud of that. HA

      Thank you for that link, too. I’m so happy Marisa Tomei is hooping and getting the word out. Hooping rules!!!


  2. Awww…happy birthday! I labored 40 hours for my first, which was supposed to be a home birth, ended up transferring to hospital and he was born 4 hours later. Second boy born at home!


    • Yikes! 40 hours is a LONG time. I’m so sorry you didn’t have your planned birth experience but really glad you did the second time around! I planned both as home births and the first ended up a C-section (because Wildebeest was a huge baby in breech position) but did at least have a VBAC in the hospital. Woohoo for us!

      Have a great weekend, Karen!


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