13 thoughts on “Agnes and Bob . . . Again

    • Re: Never too late

      Now you tell me! 🙂

      I knew a man who shared the same rabbi as Bob so I also knew when Bob visited said rabbi, and I briefly considered hiding in the shrubbery outside the temple. Fortunately, I snapped out of it right away.


    • I wanted to ask about his song “Isis.” There’s a conversation between a man and a woman, and it goes

      “You gonna stay?”

      “If you want me to, yes!”

      Except I wasn’t sure if it was

      “If you want me to, yes.”
      OR IF IT WAS
      “If you want me to.”

      It was a burning question, I tell you.


  1. I liked a lot this one!!:)
    Mmm call bob dylan reminds me when I was younger I thought that if I went to Rome I for sure would meet Eros Ramazzotti and begged my father when we were in Spain to go there. My father of course told me no jajaja .


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