What, Me Worry?


Last Friday I sent BIRD BRAIN to the four generous souls who
offered to read and critique my manuscript.
It’s much, much too soon to expect responses, but that hasn’t stopped 
my mind from turning into a writhing nest of worries and fears.

AGNES by Tony Cochran

Maybe I’ll just get it over with and go put underpants on my feet.

13 thoughts on “What, Me Worry?

  1. Alternatively, you could transfer your socks to a different drawer.

    (To extend the metaphor/make you laugh…remember when flip-flops were called thongs?)

    No worries, Tracy. All will be well. xoxo


    • If only it were as easy as transferring socks to a different drawer. I’d give up socks altogether if it would quiet that writhing nest. Sigh.

      I DO remember when flip-flops were called thongs. A friend asked if I ever liked wearing thongs and I pointed to my Birkenstocks and told her I liked them best.


    • Thank you for the vote of confidence, Laura. I’m trying to maintain my grip, but it slips now and again.

      If you prefer underpants on your feet, I will not stop you. I believe in personal expression. Plus, you’re an artist.


  2. I am sure the people you chose will be kind and not only tell you the things that are wrong, that i am sure are few, but also will tell about the things that were perfect!
    I am waiting also and its been almost two months! i have my underwear as a hat right now! LOL


      • Yes two months! i guess soon I will explode with anxiety. But I know that my friends do all they can, they are no writers only readers so they don´t know about this anxiety, and they have their own lives and dreams. That is why I am searching also for a critical group.

        I loved the picture jajaja Carlitos does that very often but he didn´t let me take a picture jajaja.


      • I know what you mean about non-writers reading; they don’t grasp the importance of timely feedback. I hope you find a critique group for your work because then you’ll all be in the same anxiety-filled boat. 🙂

        Lucky you getting to see Carlitos with the underwear on his head. Those days are long-gone around here, but at least I do have that photo. 🙂


      • Yes i am desperate for a critique group, but what I found is that is hard to find one, also with the boundaries of my language. Over here people don´t have critique groups, well editorials don´t even publish this kind of book unless it is a translation of a book published in the US so is hard to find someone. I hope I can pay the rest of the translation soon and find one in english!

        Yes you have the photo, my kids hate photos!! Carlitos is 5 years old and I have only one photo of this year and he is not even looking the camera. And Alex is almost two, I hope I can get one in his birthday. Because we mothers never have enough photos.


  3. If my manuscripts looked like my sock drawer, I’d be in serious trouble 🙂

    Good luck on the critiques–may they be fast coming back, helpful and positive.


    • You’re right about that…my sock drawer is full of mismatched, holey messes. Come to think of it, my ms is much nicer than that! 🙂

      Thank you for the good thoughts, Pat. Much appreciated!


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