On Sunday I worked for hours cleaning up my flower beds, but took time out to aim my camera at the lovely fall foliage
and the backdrop of blue, blue sky.


These leaves are neither fully here nor there in coloration, but are in transition.

Just like me and my project.

BIRD BRAIN is so much closer to being ready to face the world than it was a few weeks ago, 
but there is still work to be done. 

Right now BIRD BRAIN is a healthy and happy green, but I hope to crank up the intensity
and also bring out those glorious yellows and brilliant reds.

Hokey, but true.

16 thoughts on “Transition

    • Tracy, I’m tempted to send it along. (Thank you, big time, for the offer!) BUT, I’ve received two critiques already and have a little list of stuff to revise. Some characterization and motivation stuff, mostly.

      Does it make sense to send it now? Later might be better but then you wouldn’t have the time. What do you think?


      • Well, if you already have feedback, I say address those issues. (I say this because if I’ve already received feedback and started making changes, it’s less confusing for me if I just continue forward.)

        My weekends have been pretty dead lately. Unless I am able to get a parttime job, my weekends will continue to be free. I will spend next weekend reading DC. and then I will slowly make the changes. I’m hoping at this stage in the game, it won’t require a lot of changes. But I always think that…(hello, draft 6 and reorganizing chapters). But if I have an idea when you might want me to read it, I can plan accordingly.


      • I think you’re right. I’m going to tackle what I have right now and then see if you can read later. I’m hoping to have it ready the last weekend of the month (since you’re reading DC this coming weekend), so if that works for you, that’s great. If not, I can cope. 🙂

        Thanks so much for all your encouragement along the way!


      • Not back to me within 24 hours?! Hmm, let me ponder that. 🙂

        Thank you for your help. I’ll give you a heads-up if it looks as if it won’t be ready to go by then.


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