8 thoughts on “Keep Away All Sharp Objects

  1. It’s possible that it resonates differently with me, given that I *am* writing about my life. But…bwa ha ha ha! It’s perfect.

    (Wondering if perhaps I might have missed a post in which you finished revising your last chapter??)


    • Glad it gave you a HaHa, Melodye. Those girls are something else.

      I did finish revising my last chapter and am awaiting readers’ feedback. I have a project I want to work on again but have stopped and started with it so much, I don’t want to start it again until my other project is All Done.


  2. hehehehehe! my life is so exciting it can’t be contained in a book. (NOT) you could probably find my life story next to the benedryl or any other sedation eliciting medication. 🙂


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