Mission: Beautification


This morning I’m headed to my brother’s house
on a Beautification Mission.

It feels like the perfect project for me right now. 
Number one, it’ll make him happy
but it will also help me overcome my feelings of overwhelm and despair
related to the massive oil spill and calls for more war funding.

Digging in the soil as I talk and laugh with my brother
will be the best remedy for what ails me, I think.

I’m taking plants from my garden:

Including several Red Valerian plants:

                                                               © 2010 Tracy Abell

And a whole lot of Bearded Iris bulbs that may or may not be this color:

                                                                © 2010 Tracy Abell

I hope to create a lovely oasis of calm and beauty for my brother
who next week is flying to Florida to drive back to Colorado with our mother.
It’s my way of thanking him for being a good guy.

Whatever your mission, I wish you a memorable Memorial Day weekend.

21 thoughts on “Mission: Beautification

    • I’m home now. Tired but feeling better after a shower. It was a good day and we worked as a team to make his yard prettier. I forgot to take Before shots but took some after we planted, so now I can compare them to the blooming plants.


    • I did have a very nice day, Robin. Thank you. Zippy brought us lunch and then helped dig a little bit, so I was able to get everything done I’d set out to do.


    • I’m glad he’s grateful for my gardening because I’m very grateful for his cross-country trip. We had a nice time.

      Wishing you a great weekend, too, Debbi!


    • We had a nice time and accomplished much. I’m going back to do a few hanging baskets and put mulch on the new plants, but otherwise, it’s a done deal!

      He is a mensch.


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