Waste Not Wednesday: Non-toxic Paint Remover


Because I’m still in limbo waiting for feedback on CLOSE TO HOME,
I’m tackling some long overdue household projects.
Yesterday I stripped the scary green paint from kitchen cabinet doors using
this great non-toxic, soy-based paint remover.

I’m environmentally sensitive, and can’t walk in the detergent
aisle in the grocery store because of all the nasty odors.
The soy-based remover was fine for me with adequate ventilation
(I worked in my garage), and I highly recommend it.
Why use conventional products and expose yourself to a soup of toxic chemicals
that may harm your respiratory system, skin, internal organs, brain and nervous system?

Not to mention the harm to the planet from producing the stuff?

And, because I need to stick with my Write No Matter What attitude,
here is a little home improvement haiku:

So long now, green paint.
Wish you’d come with a warning:
"Best if eyes are closed."


6 thoughts on “Waste Not Wednesday: Non-toxic Paint Remover

  1. I have those same sensitivities, and while they’re a pain (quite literally), they’ve really opened my eyes to better ways of doing things. If I were in the US, I’d be headed out to buy that paint stripper right now.


    • I always do a little online research to see if there are non-toxic alternatives for whatever I need, and am always very grateful when I find something like this.


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