Old Family Traditions


Ah, yes, holiday customs . . .

AGNES by Tony Cochran

I’d love to hear your Thanksgiving traditions.

I’ll go first:
My in-laws spend much time setting table and preparing food,
but once they sit down, they practically inhale the meal.
As one horrified guest exclaimed: "You’re a pack of wolves!"

(*waves to Zippy*)

Okay, not as interesting as the Cowboy Copas,
and probably not so much tradition as bad habit,
but you get the idea.

So spill, people!

12 thoughts on “Old Family Traditions

  1. Pregraduate school in Atlanta (I never flew home then, too expensive, so I crashed one of my friend’s gatherings) I would split the day in half. I would eat breakfast with mom, shower, eat Thanksgiving meal 1 with dad. A fight would ensue…something about my step-brother not doing something right with the raising of his kids. Then there would be silence, everyond would look at me to resolve the conflict. I would shove potatoes in my mouth, excuse myself to the children’s table. My step-mom and dad would get into an argument. We would clear the table. Watch football, rub our bellies. Make up. I would go home for dinner number two. Give thanks for elastic waistbands. My mom would have a friend or two over (or I would have a friend or two over) then we would go to a feel-good, sappy movie.

    Those were the good old days. Post graduate school, I tend to spend it with just my mom. My dad and step-mom are typically in Memphis visitng my grandma. My step-brother and his wife are now divorced so they have their own family drama. My mom and I still go to a sappy, fee-good movie. This year will be either Tangled or Morning Glory. (Oh, I am ALWAYS in charge of making dessert…so surprise there.)


    • Wow. That’s some tension to slice at the dinner table. I’m glad you made up and went out to a feel-good movie. Plus, dessert! I’m wondering…does it EVER involve cake? Huh? 🙂


  2. nerd family

    My family’s big Thanksgiving tradition is going to the movies after the feast. Often it’s Harry Potter. 😉 Then we go home and have pumpkin pie and play cutthroat board games.


    • Now I’ll forever associate you with deviled eggs, Karen. Hee. I think it’s great when people love a food and eat it whenever they want, just because they love it. Holidays shouldn’t dictate food tastes.

      You say you want a revolution….


  3. I have a huge family – always at least 35 people there and that is just a third of us but getting us altogether is impossible. We usually meet in a church fellowship hall.

    Mom’s stuffing is # 1 on the menu and the other foods are fairly traditional as well. After lunch we sit around and play games, do puzzles, talk, and oh yes, some of us are on laptops!


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