Sunday Funny (on a Monday)


My mother is visiting from Albuquerque,
and yesterday went for a walk in the neighborhood.

She was approached by a woman who was lost.
The woman was visiting from San Antonio
and had been running the trails with her boyfriend.

(Our neighborhood is surrounded by 2400+ acres of open space
and there are lots of trails).

Apparently, despite him telling her to stay close,
when he headed onto a lower trail,
she opted for a higher trail.

She lost sight of him and had no idea where she was.

Mom brought her home.

After failed Google attempts to figure out name of boyfriend’s condo complex,
she remembered the major cross streets in his neighborhood.
I told her I could run back there with her and she was game,
but then I realized we didn’t know the exact location so running was a bad idea.

Instead, I drove her to the neighborhood and she was able to recognize enough
landmarks to find her boyfriend’s place (she turned giddy with relief when she saw
the horses she was looking for:  "Horses!  Horses!")

She knew his garage key pad code so could get in.
Which was good because he was undoubtedly driving around looking for her.

Moral of the story: When someone says "stay close," heed the advice.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Funny (on a Monday)

  1. She was so lucky to have found your mother–or that your mother found her, more to the point. I kindasorta relate to her plight. I’m horrible about navigating my way around new places, but that doesn’t stop me from venturing off on my own. Fortunately for me, I’ve stumbled upon more than my fair share of guardian angels.


    • I don’t fault her for the adventurous spirit, and I admire people who are courageous that way (since I’m not at all). It just struck me as funny that she did that after her boyfriend warned her to stick close.

      Her “Horses! Horses!” remark made it worth the whole experience. 🙂


  2. It’s funny, because just looking at the hills around here, most people think they couldn’t possibly get lost — but it doesn’t take much! I’m glad she found you and your mom to help her 🙂


    • I actually looked in my cell phone to see if I had your number because she was over by you. I thought you could tell me the name of the condo complex. But I didn’t have your number.

      We made it, though.


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