Guns Kill People

I’m too heartsick to seek out details, but there was another shooting at a Colorado high school today. One of my sons is still in high school (a different one), and I’m at a complete loss. How did we get to the point in which it’s commonplace for kids to go to school with the knowledge that some unhinged individual with a gun might show up that day?

F*ck you, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA and anyone else who says s/he’ll fight to the death to protect the Second Amendment. Your priorities are massively f*cked up.

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Obama = Bush


I really and truly wonder who Obama thinks will be out knocking on doors and making phone calls for him in 2012.
Read the following, and weep:

Obama Stops Pretending by Craig Murray
Any last pretence that Obama is substantively different from Bush was abandoned yesterday when Obama signed an executive order providing for indefinite detention without trial at Guantanamo, which will not close. He has also abandoned the idea of giving detainees a reasonable process in civilian courts, and instead is resuming the kangaroo “Military tribunals”. About the only improvement on Bush is that any detainees who happen to be multi-millionaires can have their own civilian counsel before these kangaroo courts, if they pay for it themselves.
Washington Post here


Here’s Digby from Hullabaloo with quotes from Obama-the-candidate on Guantanamo (scroll down).


Here’s Glenn Greenwald on Guantanamo and habeas corpus including this vital point:
As always, the most harmful aspect of the Obama legacy is that he has converted what were once controversial right-wing Bush policies into unchallenged bipartisan consensus, to endure indefinitely and without any opposition from either party.

And just in case you’ve missed the whole Bradley Manning / Wikileaks issue,
read about Bradley Manning’s mental deterioration due to solitary confinement and being stripped naked.

The Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund has been established to help.
100% of contributions to this fund will be used to pay expenses related to the advocacy and support of Bradley Manning. And thanks to the non-profit group Institute for Media Analysis hosting the Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund, your donation is tax-deductible.


If one more person defends Obama by saying "he inherited a mess," 
my head’s gonna pop off.
Yeah, the man inherited one helluva mess.
But now he owns it.