Far out, baby!

It’s been a day and when I went in search of an image to perk me up, I thought of my love for mannequins. I’ve posted lots over the years (unfortunately, I wasn’t great at using tags in early blogging days so can’t readily locate them now), but none tops this photo. However, that unbeatable image didn’t stop me from searching for another that would steal my heart today.

Image by dietcheese from Pixabay

I’m going with this one because my emotions have been all over the place and this seems to encompass a few of those feelings.

Now I’m off to apply some lime-green lipstick . . .

One of those days

Oddly enough, this seems like a fair representation of today:0017

I was very tired and so didn’t accomplish much. I felt a bit, you know, pointless. So it’s weird that this is the photo that jumped out at me from Morguefile.com when I went cruising for photos. But somehow these pointy-headed mannequins capture my mood.

Two positive notes regarding today:

  1. Loki and Marcel took turns curled up on me as I read and napped on the couch.
  2. No one used my head to play Ring Toss.




Thankful Thursday: I Get to Be a Writer

Lately I’ve been reminded how fortunate I am to have the sanctuary of a fictionalizing brain. When life gets tough and it feels as if the sun’s never coming back, it’s such a gift to be able to escape into my head. I can think about my characters, their challenges and triumphs, and the endless possibilties for telling their stories. I get to picture them in their homes and schools. I’m privy to their emotions and conversations, and experience awe each time a character reveals her true self to me. That magic never gets old.

I am thankful for the secret lives and stories I carry in my head throughout the mundane and most challenging moments of my life. My fictionalizing brain is my secret weapon.

Good thing no one can see inside my head, though. That stuff probably looks a little scary.

A perfect representation of me and my process. Even the axe.

A perfect representation of me and my process. Including the axe.


Head Case


I’m sorting through a myriad of emotions this morning
as 2010 winds down and bleeds into 2011.

Trying to wrap my head around what it all means for me and my writing. 

                                                                                                              Image from morguefiles.com

I’m considering investing in a wig and whole new persona.

I’d Rather Be Dancing


The painters are coming on Monday.
I have walls to wipe down, heat registers to scrub,
switch plates and pull knobs to remove,
and a whole lot more.       

At least I don’t have to dust a crystal chandelier.

That IS what she’s doing, right?

Wishing everyone a wonderful, paint-prep-free weekend.
Get out there and dance the fandango!

Twist and shout


This pretty much sums up my day:

                                                                                                                            Image from morguefile.com