This image of our Christmas Cactus (aka Schlumbergera) is sharp in places and soft in others because the camera’s focus wasn’t evenly distributed. In other words, a perfect image for today.

November 17, 2021

Why? Because:

  1. I’m experiencing ptsd-related issues in which my eyes struggle to process detail**, which means this mixture of sharp and soft feels familiar and
  2. while rereading my critique partners’ notes during today’s session of revision work on my latest middle grade novel, their comments revealed that while some parts of my story were in sharp, undeniable detail, other components were so soft around the edges those readers were unable to interpret intent.

This lovely bloom is a reminder that I need to keep working on my focus.

**for which I’m doing daily vision therapy to bring my eyes back into balance

The eyes have it

This morning, these frames were merely cracked and tape held them together. This afternoon, the bow broke off completely. Lucky for me, I recently got a pair of “computer glasses” which allow me to comfortably see the screen, plus focus on things up to about five feet away. So, until my new glasses arrive next week, I’m confined to a world that consists of my computer screen and anything within a five foot radius, or the far-away distance provided by my prescription sunglasses.

Eye strain is my new middle name.