No implements of destruction

Yesterday I got zero writing done on my work-in-progress. I was enraged and exhausted by news and events. Late last night I fell asleep wondering whether, in the face of relentless misogyny and violence against women, my idea for a middle-grade novel narrated by a boy was what I should pursue. Maybe, I thought, I should abandon that story and instead write a burn-it-all-down book filled with pitchfork-wielding girls.

Well, I’ve spent the last several hours analyzing and fleshing out the beginning outline for my boy-based work-in-progress and have decided it’s a GO. Not only am I moving ahead with this story, I’m kinda excited about the plot lines. My main character won’t be fighting the power structure, but he is a decent human being.

In today’s climate that’s worth a lot.

2 thoughts on “No implements of destruction

  1. I was similarly enraged and got nowhere yesterday — even though my WIP is all about female empowerment. Like you, I spent some hours analyzing things and realized the problem was the situation, not the book. Today I listened to less news and through my heart into the writing, and it was a better day.

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    • It’s all so exhausting. I still haven’t made it to my WIP today, but am glad you found your way. And thank you for writing female empowerment! Your beautiful book arrived in the mail and I had plans to make it my refuge today. Life keeps getting in the way, though. I will read and laugh soon…..


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