Emulating Marcel

As I work this afternoon to get ready for my NaNo adventure next month, I’m trying hard to be like Marcel. Not so much by waggling my big pink ears or biting my toenails (although I would welcome that kind of flexibility), but in maintaining my focus. When Marcel’s in grooming mode, that’s all that matters. Don’t even think about interrupting his session.

Um, guess I should get back to my prep work.

2 thoughts on “Emulating Marcel

  1. I feel the same way about my cat’s grooming–that it is a meditative practice. Meditative for him, but also meditative for me to watch it. It calms me and keeps me in the moment, because he is utterly concentrated on the present, utterly unhurried, when he grooms.


    • Cat grooming really is meditative. I was just telling Zebu today about how I was mesmerized the other night as Marcel slowly spread and contracted his front paws while lying on my lap. Not grooming, but equally soothing.


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