My January lifeboat

This afternoon I sat in the chair I’d situated just-so in a patch of sunshine and remained there until the sun dropped below the foothills. January is always a struggle for me and in anticipation of posting something here, I went to in search of a quote about the excruciating difficulty that is January. Instead, I found this:

I like starting projects in January.
That’s the best time to start something.
It’s so inward.
~ Carolyn Chute

That quotation feels right for today because as I struggled emotionally earlier this afternoon, I kept returning to the two opening sentences I’d jotted in my ideas notebook. There’s a story in those two sentences, I’m sure of it, and my mind keeps going back to them in an attempt to figure out what that story might be. Those two sentences are like a lifeboat to me now and I’m grabbing on tight.

Who knows? This cold and dark January might kickstart something truly wonderful.

2 thoughts on “My January lifeboat

  1. I find January tough, too — especially here in the UK, where it’s so very dark and often rainy as well. I prefer the brilliant, snowy sunshiny days I used to get in New England. But I do like how calm it is after the rush of the holidays, and if I can get my head into a good writing place, it can be a fruitful time to work. I think of it as my “hunkering down” time. And your lifeboat sentences sound like a good thing to hunker down with! Wishing you lots of inspiration and light.

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