In the eye of a bomb cyclone

I’d never heard of “bomb cyclone” until yesterday and now Zippy has repeated that phrase so many times Zebu and I are debating drinking a shot every time he says “bomb cyclone.” Might as well have some fun with it, right?

The wind is blowing hard and swirling every which way. Windows on all four sides of the house are affected.


North. South. East. West. Everywhere I look is a snowy-blowy mess. Bomb cyclone.

Oops, everyone take a drink!


6 thoughts on “In the eye of a bomb cyclone

  1. Bomb Cyclones are caused by Global Charming. Global Charming can only be solved by open borders and welcoming the 3rd World in to your nation with open arms and large gift bags full of cosmetics and an EBT VISA, a Sale Fone, a $44,000 transportation voucher, 96 months of free rent and assorted other “Welcome Mat” gifts and it can only be fairly administered by Nationless/Borderless/Global Corporations and the Democrat/Republican CEOs that own them.


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