Thankful Thursday: the natural world

So much of our current reality causes me outrage, fear, and anxiety. It’s gotten so that I struggle with getting out of bed in the morning. But today I’m grateful for a new writing project that brings me happiness.

Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard. Greenhouse Trail, Cave Creek Canyon. May 14, 2019

I’m always at my best when fully immersed in a project, especially when the subject matter involves the glories of our natural world, and so this dapper lizard feels like the perfect guide for today’s work.

3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: the natural world

  1. Thanks for the lizard. I have some from the Galapagos that I will send via email (I don’t see how to upload picture in comments)


  2. I’m very happy to hear about the new writing project! And I am standing shoulder to shoulder with you in your outrage and fear, even if I rarely find a way to put it into words. Sometimes I go to my work just feeling thankful (as well as guilty) that I will have a few hours where I don’t have to thing about everything that is happening.

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    • Thank you, Amy. It feels so good to have somewhere to aim my creative urges. And I’m with you 100% on the gratitude/guilt feelings about immersing ourselves in our work amidst all that is happening.


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