Say it with me: More good things are coming my way

For the past couple months, I’ve felt discouraged by various aspects of my life. Those feelings aren’t a constant, they tend to ebb and flow, but this morning the discouragement rose up in me again. With a vengeance.

Then I thought back to what I felt last month when I was offered an assignment to write a book about birds. Not only was I so darned happy, but I was also filled with a sudden certainty: without a doubt, more good things were coming my way.

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

If only I could’ve bottled those feelings. But right now I’m doing the next best thing to help reexperience that confidence and certainty. I’m opening my arms wide and chanting my mantra: More good things are coming my way.

Yep, that feels so much better.

If you’re feeling not-great right now, say it with me: More good things are coming my way.

Better, right?

4 thoughts on “Say it with me: More good things are coming my way

  1. I hope MANY more wonderful things are in store for you, my friend. I was feeling discouraged myself this week, so I took a few hours off to see friends, and that has made a big difference. I’m sorry I can’t just zip over to Colorado, too — because it sure would be a joy to see you.

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    • You are so very kind, Amy, and I’m sorry you’ve also been hit by the discouragement bus. Glad you were able to recharge with friends and even though we’re miles apart, I feel your friendship and am grateful. Someday we’ll meet in person. 🙂


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