My state’s on fire

American Robin. December 16, 2019.

This photo was taken last December, but it feels fitting for today because the robin is looking to the north. As I write this, people are being evacuated north of here due to the East Troublesome Fire that exploded from about 35,000 acres to 127,000 acres after 60 mph wind gusts last night. The fire jumped the Continental Divide. Rocky Mountain National Park is on fire. Homes are burning. East Troublesome Fire is currently the fourth-largest wildfire in Colorado history.

Colorado has been on fire with multiple wildfires for the last four months but I’m told I must vote for the presidential candidate who believes climate change is real, yet keeps telling us he opposes a Green New Deal and won’t ban fracking. I’m told I must help the Democrats reclaim the Senate by voting for the candidate who drank fracking fluid and opposes a Green New Deal. It doesn’t matter to them that I’ve spent much of those past four months inside as my lungs can’t handle the smoky air; I owe them my vote.

I’m angry and exhausted and just about cried out.

7 thoughts on “My state’s on fire

  1. I’m so sorry for what you and others are going through with all these fires, Tracy, and I can certainly see why this choice feels so frustrating to you. Not the perfect candidate, but certainly a step back in the right direction?


    • Not even close to perfect and just barely a step in the right direction. Biden has shown who he is for 40 years & like the current occupant, serves the corporate interests. Biden could easily win this election by standing up for the obvious: Medicare for All during a freaking pandemic and a Green New Deal during a climate crisis, but he not only refuses, he tells us over and over and over again that he opposes both. If he wins & his admin continues the status quo, we will be hit in 2024 with a fascist like Tom Cotton, one smart enough to get stuff done. Biden is the absolute worst candidate for the times (and Harris is the absolute worst during times of historic protests around Black Lives Matter). This is who and what the Democratic party is. Tone-deaf and dismissive. Believe me, I want Tr*mp GONE. But I absolutely fear what comes next unless EVERYONE gets out in the streets on Day 1 of a Biden presidency to force meaningful change. They won’t, though. They’ll go back to brunch because they think Tr*mp is an anomaly rather than a symptom of the system.

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  2. I’m so sorry, Tracy. It’s awful to be trapped inside, and even worse to feel trapped by a lousy set of choices. I do think this particular choice matters, in part because of the international consequences (some of which are likely to be very real and immediate for me), and I hope it will be more than a tiny step in the right direction. But if it’s true that politics is the art of the possible, I nevertheless wish we could rise to better possibilities. And that we could see that our survival depends on it. Keeping you in my thoughts.


    • Biden is an absolute hawk, so that’s not good. However, for his many, many faults, I don’t believe he’d egg on supporters to act in violence. And that would be a tiny step in the right direction. I’m thinking of you, too, Amy. We all need each other. It’s us against them.

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