4 thoughts on “#Caturday: claws & indecision

  1. Hi Tracy, Iā€™m enjoying a Caturday myself with Lenny, the curmudgeon cat on my lap. Pam Rowel gave me your connection. We are good friends which you unknowingly orchestrated! I will be in Denver the week of Feb 20 th visiting my youngest daughter Tian. Would you be comfortable with a socially distanced meetup/ walk? Enjoying your musings. Good to hear you writing strong.

    Judith Mack (MotherShare)

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    • Hi Judith!!!! It’s so great hearing from you! I’m glad Pam give you my info. YES to wanting to meet with you in February! (I’m using so many exclamation points!!!) Please send your phone number through the Contact form here and we can make plans. Looking forward to seeing you and catching up again. šŸ™‚

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