Here comes trouble

Basically, if you go looking for trouble, it’ll come find you.  ~ Estelle

February 25, 2021

This squirrel and I had multiple face-offs the other day over the peanut feeder that keeps the chickadees, nuthatches, and bushtits happy. I don’t mind squirrels snacking on the bird food now and again, but I do object to them eating ALL the peanuts.

Scat! The squirrel food’s hanging on the back fence, yo.

2 thoughts on “Here comes trouble

  1. My husband had a cottage where a squirrel would raid the bird feeder every day promptly at 8 am. He tried various things to discourage the squirrel. Finally he put cooking oil on the pole and watched as the squirrel slowly slid down, like a fireman.

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    • That is the best image, Barb! Our feeder hangs from a tree limb and I don’t think there’s enough oil in the world to soak the tree. HA! We’ll have to keep battling it out. 🙂


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