#Snowpocalypse Now

All week, those of us in Colorado were bombarded with forecasts for an epic snowstorm. The forecasts frequently changed (regarding intensity, snowfall, start time, etc.) and during one 45-minute period in which Zippy checked three times, he read three different forecasts. The whole situation began to feel a bit hyperbolic.** That’s no longer the case.

View out my front window about 4:45 p.m. on March 14, 2021

The birds are doing their best to weather the storm, including these two Northern Flickers clinging to the telephone pole and three American Robins hunkered down in a Russian Olive tree:


Photo quality is poor due to the swirling snow covering windows on all four sides of the house. (Full disclosure: my windows were already smudged by cats and dog).

Drought-stricken Colorado definitely needs moisture so I’m not complaining, especially since I’m warm and safe inside. I realize how very fortunate I am.

** My favorite tweet from the week (@PhosphoSolution):



8 thoughts on “#Snowpocalypse Now

  1. ❄️snowmazing ❗️ Put on your Mukluks & keep the feeder stocked for the birdies 🐦(hard to hang worms out for the robins though unless ya plan ahead 😉 ) growing up in Minnesota winters like that weather we used simple geometry > goincide or retire to NE Tennessee like I did 😉

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    • This cracked me up….however, not enough to get me outside hanging worms in the trees. I’m happy to say the birds are chirping and active today in the sunshine. Good call on moving away from MN winters (I grew up in WI). CO winters are not bad because of the frequent sunshine and warmth.

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