Twofer Tuesday: snow play edition

The snow has started falling again, much to the delight of these four kids.

It’s been fun seeing the many snow caves and tunnels and quinzhees around the neighborhood. When I lived in Anchorage, my good friend Anne S. did a weekend wilderness class during the winter in which they had to build quinzhees and then spend the night in them. She invited me to take the class with her, but I declined. When Anne returned, she regaled me with stories of a woman named Betsy who struggled throughout the weekend, constantly complaining about cold, wet, hunger, discomfort, etc.

I looked at Anne and said, “I would’ve been the Betsy of the quinzhee.”

True then and true now.

2 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday: snow play edition

  1. LOL, I would be Betsy too. I’m OK camping in good weather–but any rain or cold, and the fun goes out of it! I can hike in any weather–but at the end of the day, there’s a lot to be said for indoor shelter.

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    • YES! I’m exactly the same re hiking in rain. We once hiked several miles (from a public use cabin we’d stayed in) through pouring rain (with Wildebeest in a pack that fortunately had a canopy) to meet the pre-arranged taxi that would take us to the airport to fly back to Anchorage, and at first I tried to step past puddles, etc. but quickly embraced the wet and ended up stomping and splashing my way down the trail. It was glorious! But that was because we knew there was indoors ahead of us and dry clothing. 🙂


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