Give me pelicans and sunshine

It’s rainy and gray outside, but I’m not complaining. The alternative was a huge snowstorm which, fortunately, the forecasters seem to be walking back. While we do need moisture, rain would be much kinder to the new leaves on trees and shrubs. I don’t want any of them destroyed by a heavy winter snowstorm; the blooming crabapple trees are currently quite lovely.

American White Pelican, Barr Lake State Park. April 8, 2021

So right now I’m content with the rainy-gray as I think back on last month’s pelican-rich day that also happened to be sunny and warm.

3 thoughts on “Give me pelicans and sunshine

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    • Hello, Amy! Thank you for your kind words re pelican pic and the snow. The good news is that we woke to blue blue skies this morning. It’s been a lovely day and the trees/shrubs made it through the much-lighter snow than was predicted. I hope you and yours are doing well.


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