Thankful Thursday: improved outlook

Two hours ago, my innards were a mass of writhing anxiety and I (briefly) considered cancelling out on a zoom call with some local activists. I’d signed up to learn about the coalition they’re putting together to help the most vulnerable in our community, but felt so overwhelmed I thought it might be best to bail rather than run the risk of falling apart onscreen in front of strangers.

Fortunately, I joined the call and am now feeling much better. Possibly as stellar as this Steller’s Jay. (sorry, not sorry!)

Photo by Zippy. August 6, 2021

Seriously, the folks I met with are doing good work and I’m excited to join their efforts. The current global reality is layered with multiple ongoing traumas and much of it is outside my control. But this local effort stands a very good chance of actually making a difference in people’s lives.

I’m grateful that today I, once again, learned it’s much healthier for me to choose taking action over wallowing in debilitating anxiety.

9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: improved outlook

    • Amy, you are too kind. Really. I realize my post came across as virtue signaling when I actually intended it as a personal reminder that it’s very important for me/my mental health to follow through on my commitments, esp in the face of anxiety. I took a whole bunch of Taming the Anxious Mind classes about 5 years ago that helped get me through a rough patch and the instructor worked with us via ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). I learned that, for me, the only way through anxiety is to commit to some action and then follow through.

      Thank you for being such a supportive friend, Amy. You are an incredibly kind soul and I hope to someday meet you in person.


  1. Well done, Tracy! I’ve never used zoom, so I can understand your anxiety. I’m glad you went ahead and joined in with something so obviously worthwhile. 😀

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    • Thank you very much, Lesley. It seems that, for me, zoom can really heighten my anxiety. It’s a great tool and has helped MANY these past months and months. I’m glad I put on my big girl pants and participated.

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  2. I deal with social anxiety too which is why writing has always been my preferred method of communication, but I know that to truly make a difference I have to be willing to put myself out there more. I’m glad you found a support group to join.

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