Just peachy

Per his Saturday morning ritual, Zippy went to the farmers’ market for organically-grown peaches. The man loves his peaches. A few days ago while eating the last one from the most recent batch, he said (with tears in his voice), “This might be the last peach of the season.”


Well, he got another week’s reprieve. But I thought I’d best document these because there’s a very good chance this is the final haul of the season.

Seven little peaches.
Sweet dreams are made ofΒ  this.

11 thoughts on “Just peachy

    • Whoa, that’s a whole lot of peaches! I remember being at a friend’s house when she had a case of peaches she wanted to share, so she walked around with a knife and offered us slices. She doesn’t remember doing this but it’s a vivid memory for me. The kindness of slicing and delivering them right to us. πŸ™‚


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