Thankful Thursday: new paint now peace

Today I am grateful the week-long paint exterior paint job was completed several hours before the season’s first snowfall.

Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

I’m grateful we resolved a big mix-up. Turned out they’d matched the trim color incorrectly, which I didn’t realize until last night. I spent sleepless hours fretting about it and woke all out of sorts. When I spoke to them and didn’t get much satisfaction, I wisely went for a 38 degree run on the trails. The cold air and beautiful open space cleared my mind. Afterward, we talked more, they listened to my concerns, and agreed to return at a later date to repaint the trim the correct color.

It’s been 12 years since the exterior was painted and the southern and eastern exposures were brutalized by sun and weather. I hadn’t anticipated the incredible noise and disruption that would come with three guys sanding-drilling-pounding on various walls, often simultaneously. Not to mention occasionally being caught off-guard when I spotted strange men through the windows.

One more time: I am grateful the exterior paint job is complete! (For a while, anyway).

I’m very thankful for our home and our ability to pay for its upkeep. (And hooray that the supply chain issues only slightly affected the timeline for completing the job!)

It’s a good Thursday on the planet.

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: new paint now peace

  1. Ugh, we need to paint our exterior. BTW, I found my picture of my dog petting my dad’s dog. Its randomly tacked on to the end of a short post about an article I liked and wanted to share. Gland you won’t have any strange men outside your windows for awhile. Ugh, windows. Yet another thing that we need to get updated.

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    • That conversation in which we came to an agreement changed the trajectory of the day. So very nice! And the snowfall was short-lived and didn’t stick. Still, not good house-painting weather! šŸ™‚


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