Bummer Monday

As the Democrats (who currently reside in the White House and hold majorities in the House and Senate) negotiate against themselves to gut Biden’s Build Back Better plan, I encourage you to read this op-ed from Senator Bernie Sanders, published in a West Virginia newspaper on October 15, 2021. It lays out the specifics of the 10-year $3.5 trillion BBB plan. Specifics that are wildly popular and hugely supported by the people, specifics that many don’t know because the Democrats and corporate media have done a miserable job explaining what this reconciliation bill is all about. This plan contains policies that are desperately needed if we are to survive.

The Democrats, with all their power, have an opportunity to do so much good. And yet, here we are. Forced to watch from the sidelines as they eliminate all the good for the people and planet from the bill. This NEVER happens when it’s time to vote on a military budget. When it comes to the military industrial complex, there’s always enough money and zero debate. That’s when Democrats and Republicans join together for a resounding YES!

The powerful elites are making life-threatening decisions while the planet literally burns. Senator Manchin is a coal baron with a massive conflict of interest when it comes to climate policy, but he gets to dictate the removal of the most important piece of climate legislation which, if enacted, would eat into his profits.

This is why people (such as myself) frequently say “I hate it here.”

4 thoughts on “Bummer Monday

    • It’s rough. Not sure if you know this, but there are five young people who are on a hunger strike in front of the White House (during the day). They’re on day 6 and refuse to eat until climate policies that meet this emergency are funded. Sunrise Movement held a solidarity call this afternoon and one of the strikers was on it. She’s amazing. It makes me cry that it’s come to young people starving themselves, BUT, Abby has great hope their actions will get results. So let’s hold onto that, Amy. #Solidarity


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