Birthday bird

While many are celebrating another holiday today, I am celebrating my birthday.

The first awesome gift was waking to snow! (We got a whole 1.5 inches on our deck rail yesterday evening! It was the first snow of the season and we’re all hoping there’s LOTS more where that came from so that we avert drought.) The next gift came when I drew Heron from my oracle card deck.

Grey Heron photo by Michel Mayerle from FreeImages

The question I posed before pulling a card: “What do I need to know about my birthday and the coming year?”

Heron’s message: “Let go of convention and follow your own unique path.”

That reminder resonates and I’m going to try my very best to stay true to my authentic self as I embrace the coming year.

18 thoughts on “Birthday bird

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I know two other people who share the same birthday as you! Your oracle deck sounds interesting. It is a nature-inspired deck I take it? I love GBH! We have a lot around here. No matter how I try not to stress about the end of year, there is always some measure of crazy beyond my control that seems to immediately start after Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes I think I should try to be less reliable, so people don’t depend on me so much, but I am a tree. I am rooted to a sense of place and duty.

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    • Thank you, Melanie! And I totally get it about busyness this time of year, especially. You are, indeed, a tree, and deeply rooted. 🙂

      Yes, the oracle decks is all birds. I never thought I’d get into anything like that, but I truly love it and use it as part of my daily intuition activation routine. I bought it on Etsy, I think.

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